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aluplast pvc

Lift and slide wall

Module system with a new dimension

from the leading firm aluplast®

feal alu

Profile TERMO 85

Premium aluminium profiles

by reputable company FEAL



Complete manufacturing and assembly

of PVC joinery and glass fences

sportska dvorana

Sports hall

Aluminium facade construction



Come, look and convince yourself of the high quality

of our PVC and ALU joinery products



It's a joinery production company

covering an area of 14 000m²



Production zone of the company is equipped

with the latest technological achievements

for fast and efficient joinery production

Safe and reliable partner

The vision of ŽE-MA is to become a modern, flexible and stable company which, through the high quality of its products, services and processes, as well as the professional approach of its staff, is striving to create satisfied customers and take the leading position among PVC and aluminium joinery producers in Croatia but also beyond its borders.

We are present on the markets covering whole Croatia and our products can be found on the demanding foreign markets of Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, etc. Therefore ŽE-MA is considered to be one of the biggest PVC and ALU joinery producers in Croatia. Our work is coordinated with international quality management standards according to ISO 9001 and environment management standards of ISO 14001. This obliges us to accept the policy of quality and environmental management and all the rules associated with these concepts, aspiring to achieve satisfied customers and to preserve environment

PVC joinery

Outstanding insulation characteristics of PVC joinery guarantee first-class comfort.

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ALU joinery

ALU joinery is suitable for production of elements with higher static requirements.

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One of the most important elements which makes the biggest part of window.

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Black and inox fitting elements and metal constructions are our specialty.

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aluplast® profiles

  • Energy-efficient
  • Innovative
  • Aesthetical
  • Perfect
FEAL profiles

  • Window and door systems with thermal break
  • Window and door systems without thermal break
  • Sliding systems
  • Facade systems and ventilated facade coatings


Guarantee given for ŽE-MA joinery products:

  • 5 years on window and door functions provided that they are maintained according to ŽE-MA instructions for maintenance, handling and assembly
  • 10 years on resistance to weather conditions for white PVC profiles (distortions, change of colour, cracking)
  • 5 years on resistance to weather conditions for PVC profiles with coloured foil and aluminium profiles (distorsions, change of colour, cracking)
  • 5 years on PVC decorative panels (door panels) in white
  • 5 years on HPL decorative panels (door panels)
  • 5 years on ALU decorative panels
  • 2 years on leakage between two glasses (insulating glass)
  • 1 year on doorknobs, handrails, pumps,elektromotors and other automation


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