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PVC joinery

ALU joinery




Accessories: mosquito nets, jalousine and window sills.

Mosquito nets (insect protection nets)

To protect you from insects.Made of high-quality materials resistent to all weather conditions. Simple to handling.

There are two mosquito nets in use:

  • fixed mosquito nets
  • rolled mosquito nets

Jalousine shutters

Internal jalousines, so called Venetians, are installed on the internal side of joinery, so it's easy to regulate the quantity of light in the room but the usage of inner jalousines doesn't change thermal influences considerably. External jalousines are used more often. Regarding the fact that they are installed on the external side of joinery, they protect it from the sun, have good ventilation and are weather resistant.

There are two types of jalousines – interior and external - available in a variety of colours.

Window sills

Interior window sills are made of stable PVC and offer optimal solution for completion of interior works.

external window sills are made of aluminium sheet, resistant to environmental influences and have a long lifespan.

There are interior and external window sills.