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Aluminium facades consist of self-supporting elements made of aluminium profiles and glass. Elements consist of supporting steel verticals anchoraged to steel construction and fixed parts of facade, doors and windows are inbuilt into verticalc. Windows are glazed with thermal glass and parapet area with enamel ,tempered, reflective glass, alluminium sheet or alucobond panel.

Particular attention is placed on the cold welding.

The simplest facade type is continuous (classical) facade. A bit complicated facade system is semistructural facade consisting of aluminium glazed frames and the main goal is to match glass colour with frame colour to reach compactness i.e. aluminium frames are not easily detected and glass is dominant.

Structural facade, unlike the semistructural and continuous facade, is a facade system without visible aluminium supporting profiles, and is installed by gluing of glass onto aluminium profiles.

Glass facades made that way are characterized by a modern and attractive look.

According to technical-constructional division facade types are classified as follows:

  • continuous (classical) facade (cross section picture of a facade)
  • semistructural facade (cross section picture of a facade)
  • structural facade (cross section picture of a facade)

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