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Aluminium joinery is particularly suitable for production of elements with higher static requirements. At the same time it is light and solid and totally resistant to oxidation. There is also a great variety of colours available.

Particular attention is placed on the cold welding.

It has to be emphasized that for connecting profile angles we use so called cold welding method. This means that angles are not connected only by simple aluminium connectors but the angle is additionally filled with two-component special mixture which hardens after a certain time. In this way the angle becomes a mono-block which cannot be disassembled again. That's the way to make joinery even more solid and to prevent water penetration through this juncture.


  • Posssibility of various openings
  • Fitting chambers with "Euro groove"
  • EPDM quality seals of peroxide vulcanization
  • Primary aluminium, AlMgSi 0,5 alloy
  • Surface protection is anodizing or plastification
  • Possibility of connecting two-coloured profiles

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