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ALU joinery - Profile TERMO 85

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A special part of our offer are construction systems i.e. systems developed by FEAL house that can be applied in different designs of modern architecture.

Series of window and door profiles TERMO 85.

Aluminium profiles with broken thermal bridge are of high quality, solidity and capacity, aesthetically designed and are differed from other profiles by the characteristic of thermal insulation. Profiles consist of two parts mutually connected with insulation material- polyamide rod width 14mm, 22 mm, 34mm. These profiles in combination with adequate filling are used when they have to meet high requirements of thermal insulation. Polyamide prevents passing of heat from the inner part of alu profile to the external part and vice versa.

Common characteristics: possibility of different opening systems of fitting chamber with "Euro-groove", EPDM seals of peroxide vulcanization, primary aluminium, AlMgSi 0,5 alloy surface protection is anodizing or plastification.

Technical characteristics of TERMO 85

  • Frame depth: 85 mm
  • Wing depth: 77 mm
  • Overlap measure: 8 mm
  • Filling depth: 30-64 mm
  • Polyamide bands: 34 mm
  • Fitting for Euro-groove

Calculation of heat transfer coefficient uw TERMO 85

  • Uf=2,5[W/m2K]
  • *y=0,05 W/mK-for polyamide glass spacer
  • *y=0,11 W/mK - for aluminium glass spacer

*According to prEN 10077-2- dimensional windows are 1230x1480 mm


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