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You have high heating bills? In most cases they are not caused by your heating system but by your windows.

Ordinary wooden windows

After installation of alupalst® windows

Did you know?

That windows are the weakest point of the house facades? Although only 8% of the total surface of a building are windows, they cause almost 40% losses in heating. Whether you build a new house or reconstruct – although they are a bit more expensive – choose energy-saving windows because with a proper PVC window you will save money and ensure 30 years of carefree living in your home. At the same time you will:

  • reduce heating costs and save money
  • enjoy quality way of living with minimum maintenance costs
  • reduce CO2 emission and help to protect environment
  • save fossil fuel resources for future generations
  • replace single-glass windows and old double-glass windows (produced before 1995) because they cause energy loss and CO2 emission

State subvention

  • Joinery purchase is supported by the state through various subvention programmes. The producer will gladly inform you on all subvention programmes that comply with current regulations referring to energy saving.