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One of the most important segments of a window is glass which covers the largest part of a window. Therefore it is very important, besides high quality profiles, to choose high quality glass that meets all thermal and sound isolation requirements.

Double reduction in heat loss with IZO glass.

Nowadays, with PVC and ALU joinery IZO glass is mounted, and earlier single glass was incorporated into this joinery. IZO glass reduces heat loss twice and significantly reduces noise. IZO glass is a combination of two or more glasses divided by space filled with either innert gas or air.

Following global trends in glass production we are able to offer different types of IZO glass, starting with simple 1-layer up to 3-layer glass, with thermal and noise insulation, safety glas, mirror glass, ornamental galss and coloured glass.

Our windows are equipped with Low-e glass.

Structure of IZO glass:

  • glass – usually two flot glasses thickness 4 mm. It's important to choose glas thickness according to size and characteristics.
  • interspace – in the interspace there is air or inert gas like argon, krypton, xenon, … thermal isolation depends on interspace filling material.
  • spacer – the usual spacer between two glasses is aluminium spacer, but recently inox spacer has been used because of better isolation.
  • molecular – small grains put into the spacer whose task is to dry out humidity which might appear between two glass plates during production and during usage of IZO glass as well.
  • butil – is applied heated onto the spacer which allows a small passage for humidity and gas and is age-resistant and crack-resistant.
  • putty – 2-component putty applied to IZO glass after assembly i.e. after glass washing device and press.

Cross section of IZO glass with a coefficient of thermal: