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Patterned glass is straight cast glass whose transparency is blurred by imprinted decorative motifs pressed into the surface of one or both glass plates.

Privacy glass.

Patterned glass is used in areas where there is a need for lots of natural and imndirect light, like greenhouses, front and inner doors and dividing walls. They also prevent these areas from direct view which might disturb privacy.

Patterned glass is available colourless, bronze or yellow.

Types of glass ornament:

  • Ornament 104 white, grit ornament – lets light through, suitable for bathrooms and front doors.
  • Chinchilla white – prevents from views well, lets light through and has elegant structure.
  • Silvit white – structure of water running down the glass. Lets light through well and protects from views.
  • Satin glass – a milky white colour and lets light through.