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Joinery maintenance

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Maintenance of joinery (PVC and ALU) is very simple but it should be done regularly and properly.

The following instructions will show you a few steps for proper handling and maintenance of joinery in order to get more of it. It's very important that the installation of joinery is performed by a qualified person because inproper and unprofessional installation can cause disfunction of parameters which influence functionality and insulation characteristics.

  • Remove protection foil from windows immediately after installation.
  • Joinery should be cleaned with warm water with dishwashing detergent.
  • Never use sharp objects such as knife, trowel, cleaning sponge with wire, aggressive chemicals, acetone,...
  • Control seals and their proper position in the gutter and clean them with water and mild detergent from time to time.


In order to preserve the functional mechanism of the window, open the window by turning the window handle in the correct position as shown in the picture.


Windows and doors are equipped with high quality fitting which has to be lubricated at least once a year with oil that doesn't contain resin or acids (machine oil) to enable its proper functioning. Lubrication points and instructions are shown in the picture.


Due to certain climate conditions and saturation of room air, dew can appear on the windows which can be avoided by proper and regular ventilation. Regular ventilation regulates air humidity and creates pleasant atmosphere. Ventilate the room shortly but intensively. Turn off heaters, open windows wide 2-3 times a day per 5 minutes and create draft. This will cause complete air exchange in the room within a few minutes.

Never do the following

If the window wing "drops" from the slot due to incorrect position of the window handle there is no reason to worry because it is strongly held by safety shears. Simply put the handle into the upper position and press the window wing to the frame. Then turn the handle into horizontal position, press once again and rotate the handle vertically, downwards. Your window is now again ready for use.