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PVC walls: sliding, folding, lifting-sliding


Sliding walls with modern design and elegant lines solve the problem of space utilization since they need minimum space for opening and closing. They are ideal for connecting internal and external spaces like balcony and terrace exits. Suitable for inner spaces in flats or offices. Their advantage is the possibility of having them in a tilt-sliding position.

Large wall surfaces let light into rooms and make them comfortable for living.

Folding walls

Specific characteristic of folding walls is that they do not occupy space when opening but, on the contrary. They are space-saving because they lean on the wall when opened. They are an excellent solution for large transitions or when we need a large glass surface in the room. They are mostly used for dividing spaces instead of walls.

Folding walls can be three-winged, four-winged, five-winged, six-winged.

Lifting-sliding walls

The system of lifting-sliding walls brings your garden into the living room. The big aperture of more than 5m connects internal space with outer world.

By using the lifting-sliding mechanism even large elements can simply and easily be moved.


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