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With energeto, the best window in this category, you always make the correct decision. Reason: energeto is a window without metal thermal bridge in the frame-wing construction. Energeto system leads to considerable CO2 reduction, reduces heating costs and protect environment

bonding inside+powerdur inside = energeto

Energeto combines the real technology and aesthetic design. By the procedure of bonding window wings with IZO glass (bonding inside), as well as by replacing steel reinforcements by plastic bridges reinforced by powerdur inside, the window system without metal has become real.

energeto 8000 of installation depth of 85 mm is specially designed for new apartment houses and provides the best thermal insulation. 85-mm system is available in Classic-line-design and attracts by its straight lines and perfect Uf-value of 0,94 W/m2K.

energeto 8000®

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Benefits PVC Window energeto 8000®

  • Uf=0,94 W/m2K, where at triple glazing you can reach Uw up to 0,79W/m2K
  • 85 mm installation depth
  • perfect noise protection
  • gazing up to glass thickness of 51 mm
  • WK2 tested protection of burglary
  • available in more than 40 ornament types

PVC joinery doesn't have to be white.
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