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PVC joinery - Window IDEAL 4000

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"Aluplast" windows of IDEAL 4000 series achieve through 5 chambers, two double seals and installation depth of 70 mm very good thermal insulation characteristics and meet already today the requirements of tomorrow.

aluplast® sets new standards
for modern design and durability.

aluplast® PVC-windows combine the most modern window technology with the highest living standards and guarantee your happiness and joy even decades later. Through its high quality system IDEAL 4000, aluplast® was one of the first producers who recognized the idea of high demands for window systems and started the production of them, not accepting visual or technical compromises.

aluplast® PVC-profiles guarantee a high degree of individuality and safety in your business facilities or your home.

IDEAL 4000®

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Benefits PVC window IDEAL 4000®

  • 5-chamber system for better thermal insulation properties
  • glass thickness up to 41 mm
  • mounting depth enlarged to 70 mm
  • modern design, sloped surfaces and rounded inner and outer edges
  • exchangeable sealings (black and papyrus white)
  • a big slection of annexation profiles for different mounting situations
  • hidden and not visible drainage
  • large reinforcement chamber for optimal static capacity
  • designed inner glazing bars
  • easy upgrading for controlled ventilation (Regel-air®)
  • shifted and half-shifted surfaces
  • two levels of sealings for better insulation
  • simple ecological recycling procedure for profiles and sealings

PVC joinery doesn't have to be white.
Take a look and choose among the colours that we offer.


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