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IDEAL 5000 is a common 5 chamber system with installation depth of 70 mm and three sealings which is characterized by extraordinary good thermal insulation.

aluplast® sets new standards
for modern design and durability.

aluplast® window system IDEAL 5000 is a result of continued development of IDEAL 4000 system based on the central sealing, where, regardless bigger installation depth, (e.g. IDEAL 2000) the principle of compatibility was followed. By implementation of specially developed reinforcements, IDEAL 5000 system in combination with special glazing reaches even the standards of a passive house. Due to special construction, among other things, it has a very narrow wing optics, which forms and emphasizes the window and makes it attractive.

Safety and comfortable atmosphere define the living quality within your four walls.

IDEAL 5000®

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Benefits PVC window IDEAL 5000®

  • 5 chamber construction with installation depth of 70 mm, 3 seals
  • extraordinary sound and thermal insulation
  • standard of a passive house
  • glass thickness up to 41mm
  • big reinforcement chambers for optimal static capacity
  • exchangeable sealings (black and papyrus white)
  • special construction of deep installed fitting chamber to ensure burglar protection
  • hidden middle seal in the wing
  • a big choice of annexation profiles for different mounting situations
  • modern design, sloped surfaces and rounded inner and outer edges
  • disigned inner glazing bars
  • big front drainage chamber
  • hidden, not visible drainage
  • shifted and half-shifted surfaces
  • big selection of ornamented profiles
  • simple recycling of profiles and seals to ensure environmental protection

PVC joinery doesn't have to be white.
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