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PVC joinery - PVC window IDEAL 8000 Classic-line + IDEAL 8000 aluskin

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By coating IDEAL 8000 Classic-line with aluminium profiles we get so called IDEAL 8000 aluskin.

aluplast® sets new standards
for modern design and durability.

IDEAL 8000 Classic- line is a system of profiles with installation depth of 85 mm. The result of a harmonious play of big installation depth and filigree Classic-line design is the window system of the highest level – energetically and visually as well. Big installation depth and the 6-chamber technology provide optimal thermal protection and silence which makes you feel comfortable within your four walls. Grant yourself protection and enjoyable atmosphere in your home.

By coating IDEAL 8000 Classic-line with aluminium profiles we get so called IDEAL 8000 aluskin.This results in the profile with improved characteristics which considerably reduces dew formation on the glass edges, provides optimal isotherm flow and optimum anti-burglary protection due to high quality standards and safety. IDEAL 8000 Classic-line with aluminum profiles are avilable in all RAL colours.

aluskin classic

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IDEAL 8000® aluskin

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Benefits PVC window IDEAL 8000® + 8000 aluskin®

  • 85 mm mounting depth
  • 6 chamber profile
  • medium sealing system with seals on 3 levels
  • classical, thin wing design
  • steel reinforecement in the profile interior provide stability even at large window elements
  • with shifted surfaces glazing thickness can be up to 51 mm
  • possible Uw up to 0,67 W/m2K
  • deep set fitting chamber for optimal anti-burglary protection
  • available in variety of ornamental variants

PVC joinery doesn't have to be white.
Take a look and choose among the colours that we offer.


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